Autorun Virus Remover

Autorun Virus Remover 2.3

Autorun Virus Remover automatically scans and detects virus threats

There are many viruses developed to crash or harm the system, amongst which the Trojan is one of the dreadful viruses along with auto run virus that are mostly found in the USB drives, USB sticks, pen drives, flash drives, flash cards, secure digital cards, etc.

To protect the system and devices from virus, Autorun Virus Remover is one of the most powerful software, which gives 100% protection against viruses. Autorun Virus Remover automatically scans and detects the threats that may harm the system, then removes them. Along with the autorun virus, it also removes its registry field that is stored in the system registry.

Autorun Virus Remover mainly removes threats from the USB drive. It is the best of its kind, as one of the drawbacks associated with other software is that they have to regularly update the database, otherwise they may not protect the offline systems, and this problem is absent in Autorun Virus Remover software as it uses advanced proactive detection technique.

It is compatible with all other antivirus software, very easy to use, and uses very small ram memory of about 1 to 7 MB.

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  • Easy to use and very fast


  • Does not support Windows NT and 98
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